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The Archives contain a small portion of works by Velzquez showing the general range of his subject matter and style.  All pieces are held in private collections and have been acquired by collectors over a period of nearly 40 years.

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They Touched the Pacific
It was a Grand Experience
Last Light
Snake River Expedition
Season of the Mountain Men
Lakotas - Prowlers of the Grasslands
Reflections of a Journey

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The Man In The Caribou Coat
The Signal 700 Miles From St.Louis Spring Comes Old Man of the Mountain Last of His Kind
A Thousand Stories The Fort Provisioner
Double Thunder
The Ojibwe
She Will Shine at the Dance
The Tracker
A Lakota Leader
What Do You Say We Rob The Bank
Tried and True
Buffalo Hunter
Quest For Winter Plews
Morning Passage
Winds of Change The Spaniard
Two Become One
The Calm of Day's End
Through the Rage and the Roar
Blacksmith's Workshop
A New Land
It's a Good Life
Serious Business
Gentle Summer
In the Employ of the Fur Trade
Approach of the Great Bear
When Work is Done
Quiet Leader
On Timberline Pass
Sunday Morning
John  Carson
Bark Gatherer
The Arrival of the Northwest Co. Brigade
The Shoshone Way
Approach of a New Season
The Boucher Player
Top Hat
Land of the Crow
Morning Rain
Ojibwe Dawn
Running the Chute
A Tale from Another Time
A Letter Home
The Wisdom of the Owl
As the fog lifted they came into view
Bent's Fort - Trade  Center of the Plains
Supper's Waiting
Bound for Fort William
The Scout
Arrival of the Horse Traders
Threading The Needle Race to Jackson's Hole
New Family - New Lodge
Wild Water Race
Gathering the Eagles
The Race at Rendezvous
A Bold Enterprise
An Intrepid Breed of Men  800
As Day Surrenders
New Hat
Big Sky
Ojibwe Night
Le Coureur Des Bois The Trading Captain, 800
The Booshway
New Vista

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